A commonality between typefaces and depression is the nuance present in each: the story is in the details. Partnering with, Monotype will help fight and draw attention to the issue of depression.


We highlighted the personality of the font that makes up the two-word phrase and juxtaposed it with the real meaning behind the words.

Mall floor decal

When a viewer is on a higher level of the mall the positive phrases in this floor decal reveal their true meaning.

Social media

Monotype’s Twitter will also play with perspective by asking the viewer to tap the cropped image to see the bigger picture.

Monotype website

Monotype’s Newest Releases section on their website will be used to catch their users by surprise. The user is prompted to see the story in the details by clicking the button below the text box. After they take the initiative the phrase in the text box gains new meaning.

Art Director: Lisa Donato
Copywriter: Tommy Woods