Jack in the Box: Spotify Playlists

Jack in the Box: Festival Playlists

The Playlists

In addition to targeting festival goers with billboards on the way to Coachella, we curated Spotify playlists for them to listen to on the drive there. To create the playlists, we selected top songs by artists performing at Coachella and paired them with favorite Jack in the Box menu items. The result? Over 2 million impressions and I’m now a fantastic DJ.

Album Art

Targeted Facebook Ads

We targeted people with the four different playlists based on the music genre they listen to most - Pop, Indie, Rock, and EDM.

Creative Directors: Sheldon Melvin and Matt Kappler
Copywriter: Alex Lee
Art Directors: Lisa Donato and Tucker Stosic

Produced at David&Goliath.