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Welcome to the dump of other work I’m proud of. Enjoy!

Willamette Farm & Food Coalition Design

Showcased in the 2016 One Show Young Ones Student Exhibition. Student work.


Monotype Campaign

A commonality between typefaces and depression is the nuance present in each: the story is in the details. Partnering with, Monotype will help fight and draw attention to the issue of depression. We highlighted the personality of the font that makes up the two-word phrase and juxtaposed it with the real meaning behind the words.

Student work entered for D&AD New Blood brief.

International Women’s Day Posters

Produced at GSD&M.

The Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They make up over 1/3 of Congress alone. By creating a 14th required merit badge for gender empathy and education we can help ensure these boys grow to become more inclusive and empathetic leaders of our country.


Finalist and Merit Award winner in the 2016 One Show Young Ones Competition. Student work.

Annie’s Homegrown Social


Produced for Annie’s Homegrown.

Long’s Meat Market Website Design


Produced at Asbury Design.